Wednesday, January 26, 2011

25.JAN.2011 23:43pm.

Hey peeps.. is been a long time i never update you people about me.. :)
*i know you miss me :B*

Is already late night and I'm still here to update my blog.. I feel so disappointed with you people.. You know who you are.. Even thought i left S.S.C but not that mean that we're no more friends.. or may be no more so called pet sister or pet brother!! no matter how busy am I, I'll still give you my hand and help right?? you know me well.. but whats in my mine was everything have changed!! what you guys give me was.. "Nah!! She very busy d la.. don't kacau her la =.=" I'm like so lost these days ok.. I feel so lonely k.. I feel like I'm no more your friends and have been kicked out!! T.T Gosh.. 4get about it!! I'll be normal soon!! :)

 this is how i look when I'm lost!!

woke up at 11+ today :P I know is a lil bit late.. slept late last night so cant blame me la.. :) done everything went Seremban with parents @.@ was sleeping for the whole journey.. hahaha.. back from Seremban terus go fetch my lil brother and sister :) back home bath change go makan..

Ate dinner with family at Aeon Jusco Bukit Tinggi just now :) planed to eat B.B.Q. Plaza but no seat :( I don't understand why the shop so big but half of it they don't open it =.= so we went to eat Korean food :) me like me like.. me and my mom ordered the same set :) 人参鸡汤.. yum yum. Oh yea!! i feel so wrong about me myself!! :P the way i eat was like totally Korea style.. haha.. after dinner shop.. daddy bought ice cream and i bought yogurt drinks :)

i miss studying!! >.< non stop reading my form 5's book.. and also undang :) I've finish my 500 question.. but still not that confident yet T.T this Friday will be my Undang Test.. hope to get more than 46 la.. 50/50 the best :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011


that was fast!! >.<
is already the first day of 2011!!

happy new year people!! :D

I am suppose to be at Darren's house now.. but too bad.. NOT FEELING WELL!!
damn la.. is the first day of 2011 and yet I'm sick >.<
It must be a warning for me.. by telling me that 2011 will be the worst year for me?? haha.. *CHOI!*
it wont be!!

I'm here to tell everyone that I'M BACK!!
the reason why I'm telling this is because not all of you know that I'm back!! T.T
as Darren said!! >.<

starting a new year with something special??
nah.. no plan at all..
kind of busy with college stuff.. I WANNA GET A PART TIME JOB!!
any help?? or any suggestion??
I have no idea what to do.. anything also can!!

thinking to go PJCAD also.. Raffles International College is expensive!!
at first i thought it was the cheapest but yet now I've found Newinti is much more cheaper!! :P ahaha


Sunday, December 5, 2010


OMG!! my blog seems to be so dead..
as you guys know im having SPM this year.. so i wont be 24 hours sitting in front the computer :) hope you guys understand me :D

let me see..
my blog has just alive after 1 month + ??
nothing special about the days before la.. is all just study study and study :)

the first day of SPM which was on the 23th of Nov.
something happened on that day.. but i think i won't write it here.. so that misunderstanding wont get bigger :) is all over so just forget about it.. BM was ok.. i love the rumusan which about chocolates it is because I LOVE EATING CHOCOLATES!! as the same to Winnie too.. we both said the same thing after we walk out from the hall..

Kitt , Winnie , me

so how was BM ??
i love the rumusan!!
me too!!
cause i love chocolates!!  

hahaha.. so ngam :D after BM we have Seni paper 1 i love their questions paper weih!! is colorful and and and i love the questions too!! is much more easier than what we have thought!! 

the second day was english..
i thought it would be very hard for the essay part.. but I'm wrong!! is like piece of cake >.< the first time i love doing english essay.. i feel so tired after papers so on the way back home fell asleep in the car :P hahaha.. 

the third day which was the subject i hate the most!! SEJARAH!! 
I've tried to memorize everything I have learn about sejarah from the starting of the month of Dec. but it did not work for me still!! and i did not sleep before the day for sejarah just to refresh back.. >.< after i get the paper i was like "please be easy, please be easy!!" after i've open the paper i was saying "not bad, not bad" but till the middle of the questions paper i was like "MYGOD!! i've 4gotten about this!! damn!!" i know it is funny but that is the truth!! ohya.. a lot of people went out the hall after 30 min goes!! almost half of the hall went off!!
paper 2?? you don't have to know.. is all the same!! >.< but still i tried my best to did all the questions!! 

rest for 3 days and back to the 29th of Nov.
which was maths paper :)  nothing special about maths la.. so skip :)

the fifth day of SPM!! 
moral..!! the day before moral i was memorizing all the nilai.. I know is not easy to memorize everything in 1 day.. but still i have to.. at least i still remember some of the nilai which in bidang 1 la.. so left others to memorize :) during the essay part i have no idea what am i writing hahaha.. simply "ngap" de!! :P

rest 1 day.. and which was my sister's birthday :)
happy birthday sis!!
went puchong tenji makan sushi buffet!! 70+ per person :)
i love the food there and the design!! is so nice.. kena trick by that stupid lobster!! >.< 
we jokes a lot there.. and and and!! the funniest!! my dad!! he laugh till i have no word to describe him!! hahaha.. we stay there till all of us is full and is going to close :P 

the six day :) which was science 
the subject i love the most.. and i scored the second highest among all the subject i took :) 
din really study for science.. have no mood to study and *over confident* i think so.. >.<
during the paper i was like "weeee~ me love science, me love science!!" after I've finish the paper.. i saw Kailaish went out.. after that Kitt and continue by Wei Bin and Wei Gui.. i was thinking should i go out?? after that i saw Winnie going out too.. so yeah!! i go out also la!! woots~ not bad.. Winnie knew that I'll go out after her.. so she waited me at the door :D thank you Winnie!!
during paper 2.. same!! before we go in to the hall.. Winnie, Kitt, Wei Gui and me plan to go out early hahaha.. after I've done the paper.. i look at Kitt.. he was asking "go out??" i answer " me wait for winnie"..and kitt went out after that Wei Gui look at me and ask "go out?" hahahaha.. is so funny.. why all asking me == and i answer him the same thing :) and he went out.. continue by Winnie!! at last she goes out!! and me go out of cause!! after i went out!! it suprise me!! they wait for me outside the hall!! T.T *so gan dong* haha..

and rest again!! 
the next paper which is accounts!! on the 9th of Dec. :)
I have no confident on this subject!! I have no idea why am i thinking this way..
i hope my parents allow me to go Winnie's house to study accounts with Winnie,Kitt and Wei Gui la.. 
I'll ask my parents about it tomorrow!! 

hope you all enjoy my longest post after so long :D 

 did this today.. :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010


which waas the day my daddy's eldest bro pass away..
cause of some sickness..

is kinda sad when i heard that news!!
cause the day was the day i've plan to visit him in hospital..
and yet on the way back home after school.. my dad receive a call from my aunty by telling us that my uncle have died!! :(

there is some pictures during those day..

Friday, October 1, 2010

Bye Bye Trial!!

2 weeks of SPM trial.. is kinda stress..
and kinda happy.. :)

know why??
cause i get to do well.. 
but is tired!!!
sleep at 1 every night

oh well
and now is over :D

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

such a holiday!!

oh my god!!
first time feel so sien during holidays!!

nah.. i don't think we are going anymore!!
expensive gila weih!!..

thinking should i go Thailand now or not.. @.@
feel like going some place where i get to shout it out!! beh tahan weih!!!!
gah >.<

my mom bought me a new watch the day before yesterday :)
i love you mom!!